Winard PCB Ltd.
Nanotech Germ Zapper PCB Rigid Flex LED Lights
Winard design and manufacture in Shenzhen. Our people had worked at Texas Instruments, Norplex-Micarta, Printronics . We have 130 employees of operators QC R&D engineer. Since 1991, we export to America, U.k. & Europe. Nanotechnolgoy Germ Zapper Light kills Germs and virus. Germ free prolong life. PC Board, high Tg 165 C, Double sided, multilayer, rigid flexible. Apps for industrial control, medical devices, large data terminal. Laminated CCL & Unclad Laminate G10 FR4 Fab Parts. Insulated tubing. Bearing Ring. Lights LED T8, PAR diode, flood LED, High Bay LED, UV Kill Germ light Tubular Motor rohrmotor for roller shutter with remote control. Our metal shop make tool & die and metal parts for export. Produce 3 container 60 ton per month. included stop sign Traffix single spring display stand. We welcome small quantity and OEM orders. UL ISO9002 TUV certificate No. R 50097446 Zertifikat R 50097446 approved. contact person: Johnson +85290204269

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